“Protection” is a painting from 2003. It was done on a cheap canvas I bought in order to try out some painting. I was looking for a voice, and something to communicate. It was like searching in the dark those early days. I have come back to painting after a 20 year break more or less. I could only paint or draw fishes in that time….standing ground….a block…..things not working out. A few so so paintings had already arrived but nothing much to write about, and not worth keeping in my opinion anyway.

Then “Protection” appeared mainly painted by hand and cloth. I saw what I can only describe as my dearly loved grandmother’s energy staring right back at me. It has a couple of pseudonyms….”Blue Angel” or “Angel Bleu”. Someone looking out for me with an immense love. I cannot remember her ever saying a bad word to me. It was my first experience of unconditional love, and it stays with me til today. Tis truely soul moving. And also very apt….seeing as her drawing inspired me many years ago, without realizing that she was the artist too.


One thought on ““Protection”

  1. My grandmother didn’t expected me to be anything,
    unlike my parents whom I feel indebted to
    – so have to repay them by making a success of my life… whatever that means.
    My grandmother just fed me delicious rice noodles,
    from the hand-turned grindstone, to the steam-oven, straight to my plate
    uncomplicated and wondrous.
    Now I pray at her temple, but bring along my own religion.
    I’ve just read your commentary and re-looked at your paintings.
    They are all spiritual – some are looking very biblical.
    Thanks for the site, hope you are well.

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