Imprint of a SOUL

imprint of a soul 2003

This is an early early painting, quite small compared to my other ones. It has a motive that repeats in several of my other paintings too. But this is the first. Again the name came when I finished it. You look at the painting and the words just fit with it…I know when I have the right name…no reason just know.

For me this is about the journey into knowing yourself … is black and white in the main. The reason for this is that it was early on my discovery journey….there are feint flashes of colour that I was yet to explore. But this as I say represents the start of the journey so things are stark and clear, even a little bit empty.

There is always a reason why people start these journeys of self discovery and I am no different. I dont need to explain the details, all I need to say that I felt I had emptied myself out…it felt there was nothing left, just a space. I made a commitment to put back only the things I loved. And let me tell you that is not an easy promise to keep. We all live in the midst of compromises….this world is a place of challenge and not that easy to navigate I suspect for anyone.

The swathe of black on the right is analogous to my shadow. It is that place in me that is undiscovered and unfelt. Part of my journey was to uncover this blackness and darkness and search for the colour within.


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