The Watchers

This painting is called “The Watchers”. It was started on the 7th of the 7th 2007, not by design, but I suspect a little bit of synchronicity. Lots of people seem to like this one….with descriptions varying from dandelions to sperm. I cant say I personally relate to these descriptions, but that is neither desirable or important.

I just painted that day and this is what I connected with. I mentioned my grandmother earlier, so lets give her a name, Frances. I have felt her presence and asked her for help on occassion from the time she passed on. Her funeral was the day before my eighteenth birthday. It was a right of passage…and passing on of the desires beliefs and reasons between generations. So I relate very well to this sense of being watched in a totally benevolent manner. The East reveres their ancestors, so maybe there is some correspondence here. An honouring of generations passed is necessary I feel to access the gifts and resonances of our day, to be fully contemporary…in the NOW. With time instead of before or after it.

It is also fun to think about angelic guides and masters who inspire our thoughts and protect us from indulgence. ¬†Also in our physical lives there are people who watch our progress willing us on to the next adventure….we do well to have these people in our lives.

It is a painting I love to meditate upon and ponder…..even just to involve my being with the texture flow and colour. This also leads me to explain that the painting titles come in after the painting is finished, well usually. The words appear in my head after I ask my mind for the answer. The response is inevitably revealing and allows me deeper access into the recesses of my being.


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