Act of Will

This picture dates from 2003, quite early on in my process of unloading myself onto canvas. I was going through life changing time, my whole perception of my life was changed. Your typical tarot TOWER card event. The painting is called ‘Act of Will‘ and it has quite a masculine energy for me.  I always name my paintings after they are completed…as the painting process is part ecstasy part fuzzy haze. The red door to the bottom left stood out, for me this symbolises the door to the pain you hold inside. And it takes a very strong act of will to open it. Pandora’s box if you like… dont know what’s in there til you open it…..just many probabilities. And once opened it can never be closed. I supposed you could say the process of self realisation is a one way street impossible to go back… no matter where you are in the process. It is your intent of engagement that makes the difference.

Interesting that the touches of blue are a kind of shiny eye makeup. Earthy raw physcial……kind of life a primal scream session…but silent…the colour almost has sound if you listen real close.


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