This is quite a little painting in comparison to most of those I did over a period of about six years. I am now going back to more watercolour and ink work, but that’s another story.

I did a series based on the latin declention of AMO. Amo is the motto for the Scott clan if I remember it correctly. So it has something to do with my family origins….and so concerns the question of who am I? I still dont know….but I have a more accurate picture now. I have developed the habit of looking in….just to check where I am, what I am feeling, what I think about things. Sometimes you can be so absorbed with other people’s issues and problems that YOU can get swamped in the process. Painting, the act itself forced me into a discipline of self reflection. I would say I went from not knowing my personal needs at all….to having an inclination….to respecting my own needs even if they were at variance with someone else. It’s kind a like learning to self nuture, self love, and its a practical act. It is not something fuzzy where you say ‘aren’t I great’. Finding what food suits me, how long I need to sleep, how cool or hot I like to be ….what kind of exercise suits me best and when do I like to do it and with whom.

I went through a huge journey just investigating that……so……. I have just finished a banana smoothie made with homemade kefir, organic banana, whey powder, a raw egg….and slightly decendent a spoon of icecream (NZstuff very yummy). I can say I dont dash out to Mc’s or something late at night when I’m bored…..but it doesn’t happen very often. Veggies, oatmeal, fruit, goats fetta…..gives me a base my body thanks me for.. And my skin absolutely loves the diet I am on now……after having chronic eczema on my face and body for three years and adult acne for the previous 15 years……that is one thing i am so thankful for. I am happy with the odd wrinkle I have at 45 because the skin tells me its happy. Yoga and meditation helps along with regular kinesiology sessions and the odd trip to the naturopath. (wordpress dictionary doesn’t know the words kinesiology or naturopath)

Amat…the other loves. Hiw do we know how the other loves, if we dont take the time to find out how we love. I care about my body, the time I spend with myself, and the interests and activities I love….that is how I love myself.


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