I really loved painting this, and experiencing the feeling and energy that came out of it as I look and absorbed. I think about the emergence of new life…..as thoughts ideas, emotions, imaginings, stars  and universes.


The feeling of something when it first comes into being is immense….it charged, large, and magnificent. Like the birth of new love….it fills you like your going to burst, but you know there is more…the continuing line of constant discovery of the new…..feeling us all with the specialness of life.


The moments when life touches us our special. These are not dependent on anything….you are just sometimes lifted beyond the mundane. It can be watching the TV….a bird flying in the sky……a child who has not been taught to hide their heart. It catches you up…..hides behind you building in intensity….and the the feeling just ours through you and you just have to be….and experience and feel. Those moments of life are not discriminating….and they challenge our conditions and ideas about our life. The boundaries expand and change into new realisations of what life is.


It is just so important to sit and be still in these moments….let the feelings flood your body…..let it change you forever…..birthing you into a new tomorrow. That’s my ecstasy….and hopefully yours. XXX



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