The Elements

The elements are systems of understanding the world around us that fascinate me. I use the western version of four elements here, though there are other systems of three in Indian traditions and five in Chinese traditions. Everything in life can be thought of in these four terms. Fire is analogous to the painting ‘Opportunity’, it is the inspiration that starts on something new, driving on into the future. ‘Act of Will’ is representative of earth, that tangible material that cannot be ignored. To deal with earth is to deal with actions in life, it cannot be thought through, or imagined away. ‘Knowing’ is a painting I often imagine brings the thought forms into a physical visual spectacle, there are so many and various thoughts that catch us throughout our days they are never truly contained. ‘Under the Water Wheel’ is of course water, that which flows, bringing our emotions into play, we force it to stop at our peril, its force unimaginable in a pool is the same that moves mountains.

It was only in hindsight that these four paintings were associated together, representing the physical, inspirational, emotional, and mental worlds we inhabit. They were hung together, standing guard as it were, a stronger presence for being together.


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