Descent 2005

This is quite a small painting……the blue gives me such a sense of depth, clear and cold, but expansive and rich at the same time. It’s a very emotional piece, the painting thrown on with feeling, but without a clear cognisant understanding of what that feeling is….. it just descends on you, living within it. To put words to it is to constrict it into something it isn’t. It is meant to be felt and touched and experienced. By putting words to some things is akin to a straight jacket, by trying to capture it, you lose much more. It has to be approached with reverence and an acceptance that to touch it you have to let go o your thinking and just step into the experience. There are more things in life like this but I do not think I always appreciate that how I approach something totally changes the nature of what that is. The more I live the more I appreciate the mysteries in the silence, and the silence gratifies me with its presence.


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