I painted this one with lots of energy, it felt like an animal hybrid machine emerging out of some primordial gloo. It could be scary on some levels yet it is not, just challenging. It is a strong image it has a power about it. I wonder if it has to do with my own power and feeling scary ok or normal in expressing this. So I wondered what personal power is….maybe it is just about putting my own ideas thoughts concepts paintings conversations action out into the world on some kind of public level.So it is about contributing, so why is contributing scary sometimes?? And it is, well for me at least sometimes, on quite a regular basis. I doubt myself,…. and once it is out there I cant take it back, I have made my mark and it leaves me to be a contingent part of the world, moving out from my personal orbits…. and so it is with this post… is out there in some form with its own trajectory partially separate from me but still eternally connected.


the animal, machine bit makes me think I can personally identify with being the concept of animal or machine, both instinctual and predictably ordered. I quite like that a dichotomy of being ……


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