the quiet maze of solitude

I really love the name of this painting. It says so much about me and my experience of life in just one phrase. I like spending time on my own thinking, spending time with myself, just me, my thoughts, feelings, ideas, emotions……and playing with that. Not in a structured way just letting it. The twists and turns of logic and oppositions of things to that logic. Life is much more mysterious, there isn’t a game plan and you just follow it, all laid bare easy sight lines down to the end point. No, it is not like that. i dont know where my life will turn exactly one year, week, day to the next. I have been on the planet long enough to know I am continually surprised, and being a soul of short attention span and boredom tolerance levels it is just as well. The maze is a good metaphor for the mind. You know you are in it, but once you are in ti you have absolutely no conception of your relationship to the start point and the end point. And in that there is a wisdom that points to the experience of where you are being the central point. It is not your birth and not your death nor any fixed time point in that curly trajectory. You start within, as without takes you into time and freezes something that should not be frozen. The solitude bit is just that. You are always in solitude in your mind, no one shares that space with you, it is yours to crate and grow and nurture and explore as you wish, the maze can be playful or …


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