soul invention

soul invention 2003this glyph first turned up in imprint of a soul, this piece is a meditation on that work. There was a strange kind of recognition that the glyph was somehow indicative of me, and kind of energy field of stuff, that just felt right. I suppose it has similarities I had with the feeling of protection being the energy of my paternal grandmother. The painting just felt like her. In the same way this this glyph feels like me.

Invention brings in another dimension, as the construct of a soul is often thought of as unchanging, fixed, predetermined. But is that so? Why do we have an idea of soul that does not immediately communicate the faculty of creativity. That ability to change and develop the new seems to me like a primal gift that cannot be taken away. In the same way the glyph starts something or describes something, it is not fully definitive. I like the idea of protecting the inventive capacity of soul. I cant talk intelligently about the religious conception of soul, I only know what my construction is. Informed by a religious upbringing, but i always have a sneaking suspicion that I am being in some why sacrilegious. I dont know what boundaries I am crossing in the beliefs of others. But then may be that is as it should be…. allowance for the freedoms and inner knowings of others.


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