Density came from a feeling I got from the finished painting , of a snow storm and the heaviness of the air, the closeness of the feeling of snow laden air. I misspelled the file as destiny which I found interesting too, of not ever seeing clearly where you are headed in life, you just dont see somethings coming the appear seemingly out of nowhere, but in hindsight you always see the growth of conditions that all lead up to something happening, may be not always but quite often in my experience. I loved waking up as a kid and seeing snow outside, it did not happen every year, but when it did we made igloo’s and threw snowballs cliched yes but I loved every minute,  changing my gloves to socks when they became sodden so I could carry on playing. The things that kind of grip us with enthusiasm are a bit mysterious, sometimes common with others sometimes just plain odd, but I love the feeling that’s the common thread. 


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