Breaking Ice

Objects, fragments, eggs, animals ……. Things you can’t quite grasp, things that are only beginning to enter your sphere of familiar.

That is how this one is … The title comes from a passage in the Ugly Duckling, that venerable tale of individuation. The lake begins to ice over the ugly duckling has to vigorously flap wings, not to be frozen to the spot. In the same way, we are in danger when emotions threaten to freeze us to the spot negate our ability to process, to feel, to acknowledge elation and hurt to the same degree, to allow it to enter our bodies fully. The courage and effort that requires is immense, compared to the numbness of inaction. The red berries/eggs are the gifts wrought of energy expended. It is not instant gratification, but we then carry the potentials with us, not knowing where and when they will bear fruit. It is a trust of knowing what we carry inside as a consequence of our actions. Foundations are often hidden capacities not fully known until we enter into a sphere that requires there use. I like to think of my store house I build up by feeling truthfully, but not quite knowing in what particular way they have changed me.



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